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wovaxsearchresults: This should only be displayed on the page It must be displayed there in order for the IDX search on the site to work. This is its only use.


wovaxsearch Displays the search bar. Typically used only on the home page. 


wovaxembed: This is most frequently used with additional shortcode arguments to display results for a predefined criteria, such as listings in a neighborhood, listings by a certain agent, etc. See additional documentation for wovaxembed.


wovaxrecent: Like wovaxembed, this shortcode is used with additional shortcode arguments. Wovaxembed allows you to filter by multiple fields (e.g. city=Austin, bedrooms=4, pool=yes). Wovaxrecent allows you to filter by multiple values within a single field (e.g. Zipcode=87410, 87402, 87403).


wovaxsavedsearches: Displays saved searches (on a profile page or maybe a widget).


wovaxuserprofile: Displays a user profile.



Wovax Embed: wovaxembed displays predefined search results on a page. This example shows the search results for four bedroom homes listed by Connie Elliott within a certain radius of a specified geolocation, and it includes both list and map views. Use similar arguments to display listings by any field in the MLS.

[wovaxembed latitude="40.574288" longitude="-111.845693" radius="0.01" listview="yes" mapview="yes" height="350" meta="Bedrooms=4&Listing_Agent=Connie Elliott" zoom="15"]

Wovax Recent: wovaxembed displays predefined search results on a page. This example shows the search results for properties with the word beachfront, river front, or lagoon front in the property description. Use similar arguments to display listings by any field in the MLS.

[wovaxrecent key="Description" value="beachfront,river front,lagoon front" compare="IN"]

Use wovaxrecent to feature properties by price.

[wovaxrecent key="Price" value="1000000" compare="MIN"]

For minimum price, key=price value=[your chosen price] and compare=min. Compare may be “MIN” (minimum), “MAX” (maximum), or “LIKE” (equal to).

Search Fields: Limit the search fields on any search bar. This example is for the wovaxsearchresults page, and 2 and 4 are the IDs for search fields (found at Wovax Core > Search Filter):

[wovaxsearchresults search_filters="2,4"]

Map View: Adjust center/zoom of default search results Map.:

[wovaxembed zoom="7" latitude="40.741895" longitude="-73.989308”]

Pagination: If not specified, the results will be paginated and will display the number of posts set by the search filter settings.

[wovaxembed pagination="no" posts-per-page="6"]

Map, List, and My Account tabs: If not specified, all three tabs will display on both wovaxembed and wovaxsearchresults.

[wovaxembed listview="yes" mapview=yes" accountview=“no"]

Geolocation: Adjust center/zoom of search map on wovaxembed and wovaxsearchresults.

[wovaxembed zoom="7" latitude="40.741895" longitude="-73.989308”]

Search Filters

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To choose which search filters are displayed: 

[wovaxsearchresults search_filters="2,4"]

where 2 and 4 are search filter IDs (you can find search filter IDs under Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filters.

To edit the property sort settings:

  1. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Sort Settings. By default, search results display in descending order from newest to oldest. Change the default sort order with the Set Default Search Sort dropdown.
  2. To add more sorting options to the Sort dropdown on search results pages, choose a field from the Custom Field to Sort By dropdown. Choose a Sort Type, and Add Sort Type.

Properties: Detail Pages

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To edit the fields on property detail pages:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Field Display Settings, drag fields from Hidden Fields to Above Content or Below Content. 
  2. To remove a field, drag it back to Hidden Fields.

*Note: Most MLS boards have fields that are restricted and/or required fields for public display. Please check your MLS board’s guidelines.

To display a map on each property:

  1. Install and activate the Wovax Geolocation plugin.   
  2. Customize the map display under Settings > Geolocation > Geolocation Plugin Settings.

Property Field labels (e.g.”City,” “Bathrooms”, “Price”) are determined automatically by the Wovax plugin. To customize (e.g. from “Bedrooms” to “Beds”):  

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Field Aliase
  2. Edit the labels.
  3. Save.

To edit the contact form that displays on each property:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Realtor Customization Settings. 
  2. Edit the email address (form submissions will be sent to this email address).
  3. Edit the name, address, and phone number (these will be displayed on each property page).
  4. Save.

NOTE: The contact forms are powered by the Jetpack plugin. Jetpack must be activated (WordPress Dashboard > Plugins) and the contact forms enabled.

To add or edit the legal disclaimer and/or logo:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Realtor Customization Settings. 
  2. Add/edit the legal notice under Legal Notice and Information.
  3. Add/edit the IDX logo under Upload IDX Logo. 
  4. Save.

Properties: Titles

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By default the property title is the street address. 

To edit the titles:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Title and Status Settings, drag fields from Unused Fields to Post Title Modifiers or Featured Fields.

Post Title Modifiers appear in the title separated by dashes. Featured Fields appear underneath the title.

Properties: Photos & Gallery Settings

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To set the default image for properties with no photos:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings. 
  2. Select Upload Default Property Image and choose a default image.
  3. Save.

Some MLS boards provide images with white borders. To remove:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings > Remove White Borders, select Turn On. 

 To change the photo gallery display:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Gallery Settings, choose from the Property Gallery Style dropdown. 

Properties: Add, Edit, & Delete

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All properties on your website may be found in your WordPress dashboard under Properties > All Properties.

To manually add a property:

  1. Properties > Import Status, click Halt Importing!
  2. Properties > Add New.
  3. Under Screen Options (tab in the top right), select the Custom Fields box. 
  4. Enter the information for the property:
    1. Title
    2. Description – Enter remarks about the property in the text box below the Title field.
    3. Images – Add images of the property by clicking on the Manage Gallery button in the Wovax Post Gallery section and following the directions that appear. Click Save All Changes and close the window. If you have added more than one image, go to the Wovax App Post Settings section in the top right and change the Enable Gallery in App option to “Yes.” Update.
    4. Featured Image – Set a Featured Image to display in the list view of properties.
    5. Property Details – Toward the bottom of the page you’ll find Custom Fields, which has a subsection entitled Add New Custom Field. Click —Select— to choose the field you want to add. Enter the information for each field. (E.g. if the city is Bellevue, select “City” from the Name dropdown and “Bellevue” as the value.  Add Custom Field.
    6. MLS # – Do not add an MLS# as a custom field. Put it in the description/body content area.
    7. Fields – If the name of the desired field does not appear in the dropdown, add it by clicking Enter New.” Enter the field name and value. Add Custom Field.
  5. Under Property Categories (right), check the Customized box. This will ensure that the automated process of importing MLS properties will not delete or overwrite your manually-edited property. If this property is a featured listing, check the “Featured” checkbox, too. Publish.
  6. Properties > Import Status, Resume Importing.

The new listing will now appear among the other listings on the site and will be searchable. However, automated updating and deleting will not apply. All edits and updates, including deleting, will have to be done manually. If you add a new listing manually before it is added to the MLS, please delete it once it is in the MLS to avoid duplicates.

To edit description, title, photos, or field values of a property:

  1. Properties > All Properties, find and edit the property.
  2. Check “Customized” under Property Categories (otherwise the edits will be overwritten the next time new information is imported from the MLS). The property will no longer be updated by the MLS feed.
  3. Update.

To manually delete a property:

  1. Properties > All Properties, delete the property.
  2. Trash > Trash and Empty Trash.

Pre-filtered Results Pages

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  1. Run a search (e.g. city = “Bedrock”).
  2. Copy the URL (e.g.
  3. Add this URL as a link or menu item.

Properties: Categories

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Add a new Property Category:

  1. Properties > Property Category, Add New

Add properties to a category:

  1. Properties > All Properties.
  2. Hover over the property title and click Quick Edit.  
  3. Check the box for the appropriate category.
  4. Update.

To create a page displaying properties in a category:

[wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=XXXXX]

where XXXXX is the slug of the category.  

The Featured property category automatically pulls in listings for an agent or brokerage.
To set the featured properties:

  1. Contact Wovax with the exact name(s) and ID #s of the agent(s) or office(s) – 
  2. Add the following shortcode wherever you want your featured listings to appear:
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_featured]

To permanently retain a listing on your site after it is removed from the MLS:

  1. Check your MLS board’s rules. Many do not allow the display of off-market properties. 
  2. Properties > All Properties, open the property. 
  3. Select Retained under Property Categories.  
  4. Update.

To retain all Featured Listings:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings, select Turn Preserve Featured On.
  2. Add the following shortcode wherever you want to display Retained listings: 
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_retained]


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  1. Wovax Core > Configuration > Map Shortcode Configuration, add a Google Maps API Key.

Get your key from the Google developers’ console under the Google Maps JavaScript API link.