1. Make sure the ‘Gutenberg Blocks’ setting is selected in the Wovax Settings and that the listing details page was created correctly.
    1. To make sure the page was created correctly: Go to the ‘Listing Details’ page in the Pages section of the admin and click on it to open the editor. You should see the Gutenberg editor with a block for the listing photos, and then below that some labeled fields. If you don’t see that, make sure the Gutenberg editor is enabled on the site. If there’s just a shortcode, delete the page, empty the trash, and then re-create the listing details page using the button in Wovax settings.
  2. Once you have the listing details page with the blocks editor open, you should be able to add and remove blocks using either the + button in the top left, or the + button that appears when you hover over the page.
    1. If you have the Top Toolbar option selected, you can move blocks around by clicking on them and then finding the Move Up and Move Down arrows on the top toolbar.
    2. If the Top Toolbar option is not selected, you can drag and drop blocks by clicking on them to select, and then holding down your mouse button over the six dots next to the arrows that indicate the drag and drop area.
  3. Click on the + button and scroll down – you should see a section called ‘Wovax IDX’. Click on that to view the blocks for the listing details data.
    1. Adding a Labeled Field block: you should see the settings on the right sidebar. Click the ‘Field’ dropdown to set which field data should be displayed here. 
    2. Adding a Field Data block: You can also add just the field value with the ‘Field Data’ block. This is for instances where you want to label the field in some other way, or if the field data doesn’t need a label (for example Price or Description)
    3. The Field type dropdown in either the Labeled Field block or the Field Data block allows you to format the data in that field
      1. Link is for something like the Virtual Tour field, and it will format the contents as a clickable link if they are a valid url.
      2. Numeric adds a comma to numeric fields (1,000 vs 1000)
      3. Price adds commas and a dollar sign to numeric fields ($1,000 vs 1000)
      4. Text displays the field data as is, without making any modifications
    4. If you want to add a listing map, you’ll need to have an API key for the service you want to use (Google Maps, etc) which you’ll set in the main Wovax Settings area.
  4. You can use the default WordPress formatting blocks (like the Groups or Columns blocks) to format the page, or you can search the plugin repository for plugins that add additional blocks and features to the editor. 
  5. Save the page once you are done editing.

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