Wovax + Real Estate: How We Met

Use Real Estate Content Marketing to Compete With Zillow

Just like WordPress, we originally designed our product with bloggers in mind. And, just like WordPress, we quickly realized that we could serve a much broader audience than just bloggers. Yes, bloggers can use Wovax apps—but so can anyone else with a WordPress site. Which, by the way, includes over 24% of websites.

So why real estate?

As I mentioned in my last post, we already had some clients in real estate, and they were very excited about our apps. This got us thinking and researching. And as we researched, we realized how perfect the concept of a custom-branded app is for the real estate world.

Even before we created the real estate specific version of the app, the basic app was already a great tool for Realtors. Here are three reasons why:

  • 1. Image. Realtors aren’t just marketing a product: they are marketing themselves. This is why Realtors are known for being so well-dressed, why their faces are on all their marketing materials, and why their websites are so stunning. In the real estate market, image is key. In contrast with generic or corporate agency apps, custom apps preserve the image that realtors work so hard to establish on their websites by pulling the websites directly into the apps. Custom apps establish personal branding and personal loyalty, distinguishing one agent from another.
  • 2. Mobility. In real estate, customers are constantly on the go, moving around from house to house. It’s not surprising that the number one thing Realtors are interested in in 2015 is mobile technology. Wovax mobile apps keep not only the agent’s contact info but also their entire custom-branded website in the buyers’ hands at all times. It’s like having an interactive business card that people can take with them everywhere they go, but better.
  • 3. Communication. Real estate websites showcase contact info because convenient communication with clients is essential. Having an app that enables you to send push notifications to clients means that not only do you have a presence on their phone (which they carry with them everywhere), but you can also remind them that you are there by sending links to new blog posts or listings. And rather than getting lost in email inboxes, these show up directly on their phones.

Clearly even Wovax basic apps fill a need for Realtors. But as I mentioned before, we’ve added to the basic app to make it an even better fit for realtors. Wovax for Real Estate is not only the Realtor’s website in a custom native app. It’s more like having Zillow and the realtor’s website all in a single app, which are all managed from a single dashboard. And because Wovax brings MLS listings directly into the Realtor’s website and app, it transforms their SEO.

So there’s a little history lesson for you. Why Wovax + real estate? Because it just seemed a perfect fit.

Over the next few weeks we will be covering the features specific to the real estate version of the app. Check back next weekend for part 3, where we’ll discuss how Wovax transforms SEO.

Update This was the second installment of posts about our real estate apps that launched August 10, 2015. 

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