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April 26th 2018

Wovax IDX

Try For Free Download Wovax IDX for WordPress Improve rankings with Wovax IDX. Modern real estate search for your WordPress website. Built for agents, brokers, and website developers. Add-user Lead Capture Collect user viewing activity data, searches, and favorites. Send that data to Wovax CRM. Learn more Align-left Indexable Listings Wovax IDX for WordPress creates dynamic listing pages that are… Continue Reading

Wovax IDX WordPress plugin website preview
January 4th 2018

Wovax IDX WordPress plugin beta release

We're excited to announce the release of our next generation real estate IDX plugin for WordPress. You can download the latest beta release of the Wovax IDX plugin here. With the release of our new IDX plugin,… Continue Reading

November 13th 2017


Try For FreeDownload Wovax IDX from WordPressImprove rankingswith Wovax IDX.Modern real estate search for your WordPress website.Built for agents, brokers, and website developers.See the full detailsWovax IDX Feature Highlights Align-left Indexable Listings Wovax IDX for WordPress creates dynamic listing pages that are search engine crawlable. Position Landing Pages Improve search engine rankings. Create unlimited targeted landing pages using our intuitive… Continue Reading

July 19th 2016

Designing Your Boutique Real Estate Brokerage Website: What’s Your Espresso Bar?

There’s a little restaurant down the street from our office that sells hamburgers made with regional, grass-fed, never-frozen beef on fresh brioche with their own secret sauce. There are three options - single, double, or the… Continue Reading

Use Real Estate Content Marketing to Compete With Zillow
June 28th 2016

Playing It Local: How to Use Content Marketing to Compete with Zillow

National MLS search engines like Zillow, Trulia, and dominate the MLS search market, making it easy for homebuyers to search for properties before ever connecting with a Realtor. So why would clients visit your… Continue Reading

Wovax WordPress IDX Dashboard
June 20th 2016

Understanding IDX: What Makes Wovax WordPress IDX Unique?

Realtors have been displaying MLS listings on their websites for years, so that’s nothing new. And for a few years, indexing property listings to improve SEO has been a best practice. So what makes Wovax WordPress… Continue Reading

May 23rd 2016

Wovax CRM

Beta Version 1.0Launching early December.Streamline with Wovax CRM.Get estimated buyer budgets based on web activity, manage leads, deals, and tasks, all in one easy to use dashboard. Group Brokersand AgentsWovax CRM is the perfect solution for real estate offices of any size, from 1 agent to 1,000+.Learn more Add-user LeadTrackingAdd leads, track their website activity, and manage them in one… Continue Reading

Use Real Estate Content Marketing to Compete With Zillow
July 10th 2015

Wovax + Real Estate: How We Met

Just like Wordpress, we originally designed our product with bloggers in mind. And, just like Wordpress, we quickly realized that we could serve a much broader audience than just bloggers. Yes, bloggers can use Wovax apps—but… Continue Reading

wovax wordpress mobile app iOS mobile app android mobile app wordpress mobile app native wordpress app mobile apps mobilegeddon google SEO search engine mobile search
May 20th 2015

Mobilegeddon: A Chapter from The Book of Google

About a month ago, Google made a pretty big search algorithm change. (Yeah, get your coke-bottle glasses and pocket calculator ready; this is one of those posts). Mobile traffic is where the greatest amount of search engine… Continue Reading

August 27th 2014

WordPress: A Brief Primer

Right now our main focus for apps has been the WordPress blogging platform. We’re big fans of WordPress over here and wanted to make sure you know why. When we tell people what we do, we often get the classic “okay, you lost me at WordPress.” So what is WordPress? WordPress is a free blogging platform that provides flexible customization. A… Continue Reading