How Wovax Makes SEO Effortless

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Web searches return millions of results, but 94% of users don’t click past the first page. This is why SEO – search engine optimization – is such a big deal. Making sure that search engines like Google rank your site at the top is the only way to make having a website worthwhile. It doesn’t matter how great a website is if no one ever sees it.

So how does SEO work?

Search engines rank websites through programs called “spiders” that crawl your site to decide how important it is. There are many components the spiders look for, but two main things are increase in traffic to the website and fresh content. This is why inbound marketing strategists recommend blogging. It provides fresh content and natural traffic from readers.

It seems that real estate websites should have it easy. MLS data is refreshed multiple times a day, which should count as fresh content on the site. And when people search the listings, those searches should be counted as traffic on the site. It seems like real estate websites would have built-in SEO. It seems.

But it doesn’t actually work that way.

The problem is that when the MLS data appears to show up websites, it’s not actually on the website. Instead it’s hosted through a frame that appears to be part of the site, but which the spiders do not actually recognize as part of the website. This means that all that MLS content and traffic which appears on the site is doing nothing to help the Realtor’s visibility.

Wovax changes this.

We use no framing techniques — no middle man. Instead we feed the MLS data directly into the website, so that SEO is as easy as it ought to be. But it gets better. Because the website and app are directly connected, all traffic on the app counts as traffic to the website. So every time a buyer searches for listings and pulls up maps through the app, search engines recognize that as traffic on the website.

With Wovax, SEO for Real Estate is effortless – as it should be.

This is the third installment of posts about our real estate apps that we will be launching August 10th. Check back next weekend for Part 4, and feel free to contact us if you’d like to set up a demo. 

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