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WordPress to iOS App

Do you run a WordPress blog? Then you're well on your
way to owning an app in the App Store for all of
your readers to download for free.

your app for $49 per month.

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    Beautifully formatted posts.

    Our app framework streams your WordPress blog content automatically and seamlessly converts your posts to the iPhone. There's no need to mess around with tricky code on your part. When you publish a new article on your blog it appears instantly on your iPhone app. Our app has video playback too.

    Does your website have a specific color scheme? A font you'd like to implement into the app? No problem, we can match specific colors and fonts that your WordPress theme may use, so that your app keeps to the same style that your readers are accustomed to.

  • Feature 2 front screenshot

    Push notifications.*

    Imagine being able to notify your viewers the instant you've published a new blog post, send a notification wishing everyone a great day or any other news you may have, well... Our app framework supports the iOS Notification Center and has built-in notifications to allow the readers of your blog to receive instant on screen alerts as soon as you update your blog.

    *in order to enable push notifications, you or your web hosting provider must allow port 2195 to be open for TCP connections in/out (most providers allow this).

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    iOS 7, iPhone 5s and 5c ready.

    The Woväx app framework supports Apple's latest mobile operating system, iOS 7. Our framework also supports Apple's latest hardware the iPhone 5S & iPhone 5C, with their gorgeous 4" retina displays.

    The WordPress to iOS app framework fully supports the iOS 6 & 7 social sharing widget, allowing your readers to share your site content with friends and family without leaving your app. Let your followers share blog posts on Facebook, Twitter, iMessages or however they choose with a tap of the sharing widget.

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    Looks great on the iPhone 4s too.

    We're backwards compatible. WordPress to iOS works on all iPhones operating on iOS 6 and above and looks really cool.

    Our app supports iOS standards that have made the iPhone the #1 smartphone in the world. The app has the ability to load more of the latest from your WordPress blog with a simple pull down gesture of your finger. You can also load older posts once you have reached the end of the scroll view by tapping the load more button.

  • Feature 5 front screenshot

    Simple, clean and intuitive.

    Our app features a left side slideout menu that can be configured using the native custom menus feature within WordPress. You can add categories, pages, maps, Twitter feeds and external links.

    The search bar functions just like on your WordPress blog and finds the entered word in any post.

    The Woväx app and WordPress plugin also support monetization, which allows you to optionally make money displaying ads on your app. Learn more.

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