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Mobile, It's Bigger Than You Think It Is.

56% of all web traffic is now from mobile devices and 86% of mobile traffic is through mobile apps. With mobile now the dominant platform, we put as much care into building and designing our clients' apps as we do your websites.

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  • Much More Than Mobile-Friendly.

    As buyers search for property, they will use the speed and convenience of a native mobile app - whether it’s yours or someone else’s. A mobile-friendly site is important, but it does nothing to retain visitors. When home buyers visit one of our clients' websites, a banner prompts them to download the agent's app.

  • Push Notifications. Keep Buyers Up-To-Date.

    Send categorized push notifications to buyers that match their interests. Whether they’re looking for a quaint downtown studio, their next investment property, or just want to see a bit of everything, buyers will never miss a listing they don’t want to.

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Try Some Of Our Apps.

Download some of our clients' apps for free and get a better understanding of what an app can offer you and your customers.

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  • MLS Indexing, Like No Other.

    Search engines rank websites based on content and traffic. Our IDX not only turns MLS listings into individual web pages, but it also stores the text and images on your website - so search engines recognize listings as your content. If your MLS provider has 12,000 real estate listings, then Wovax IDX will create 12,000 pages on your website and submit them all to Google for you.

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  • The Ultimate Desktop Experience.

    We build on WordPress, an open source platform that powers over 24% of the web, from small business websites and freelance blogs to websites for giant corporations like Time, CNN, and Vogue. We work with you to ensure your website embodies the vision and personality of your company and provides an intuitive user experience, leaving a lasting impression on home buyers.

Our Real Estate Themes.

Here are a few design options to choose from when we build you a new real estate website.

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  • Limitless Customization.

    We build your website on the sleek, uncluttered core of Wordpress. Instead of a clunky system filled with features you will never use, the modular framework lets you customize your website with only what you need. Whether you’re looking for lead capture or newsletters or CRM, Wordpress plugins let you take control of your website so it does just exactly what you need it to.

What's Included?

• WordPress website

• IDX feed with SEO

• iOS & Android real estate app

• Support

• Software updates

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