September 1st 2014

Coworking: Is it Right For You?

Coworking’s identity comes from the variety of people that it draws. But just as the seductive glow of Silicon Valley and Hollywood draws its share of confused wanderers, so does the coworking space to both ambitious and non-ambitious alike. In looking at coworking spaces both successful and now defunct, the common thread that can be traced to the cohesion or… Continue Reading

August 28th 2014

Coworking For Professionals on the Palouse

This week we made exciting developments on the coworking front. MosCoWork has officially become a part of Wovax, LLC! As we hurtle towards our September 15th opening date we wanted to talk more about the benefits of coworking. Because if you couldn’t tell, we’re definitely excited about this. Many of the people who jump into coworking have been couch surfing. And those couches… Continue Reading

August 22nd 2014

And Introducing MosCoWork!

A topic that we have explored here and will continue to do so is that of web design changing based on the evolution of the technology we use to access it. But it isn’t just… Continue Reading