Setup Website on Wovax’s Servers

May 31st 2017 in

When you purchase any of our products, a Wovax project manager will send you a welcome email requesting some basic information (site URL, theme, agent’s name, etc.). We will then set your site up on a hidden URL while it is in development.

If you did not receive the welcome email, please check your spam or junk mail folders, or contact us at with questions.

Setup Search Filter

May 30th 2017 in

To add fields to the search filter: 

  1. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filters
  2. Select a field from the Select Custom Field dropdown, and enter a Label and/or Placeholder Text.
  3. Choose the type of search from the dropdown (Numeric Minimum, Numeric Maximum, Existing Value, etc.)
  4. For a keyword search that searches the property title and description, select Search the Content.
  5. Select Add Search Filter.

To search hide a filter from the mobile app, uncheck the In App box.

To setup a custom search range: 

  1. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filters, select the field for the custom search range from the Select Custom Field dropdown and choose Custom Range from the Search Type dropdown. Add the Label and Placeholder Text, and Add Search Filter.
  2. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filter > Search Range Builder, select the field from the Custom Range dropdown (you may need to refresh the page).
  3. If it is a monetary field, select Currency.
  4. Enter a set of custom search ranges.
  5. Edit the display text for each range (e.g. “$1,000,000+” for “$1,000,000 – $20,000,000”).

Setup Wovax Search Bars & Widgets

May 5th 2017 in

Search Bars:
To add a search bar to a page, use the shortcode: 


Add these widgets to any widget area:

  • Wovax Recent Posts – Displays listings by most recent or by taxonomy in rows of three. Set Post Type to “Properties” and Display Template to “Property Template.”
  • Wovax Property Carousel – Displays listings by most recent or by taxonomy in a carousel format.
  • Wovax Search Form – Places a search bar in widget areas of your site. Set “Use All Filters” to “no” to display a subset of search options.

Connect to Live MLS Data

May 5th 2017 in
  1. Send the RETS Login URL, username, and password sent to you by the MLS board to  If you do not have logins or are unsure about this step, please contact us.
  2. Wovax will complete the rest of the setup. This process may take up to two weeks.

Create a Search Results Page

May 5th 2017 in
  1. Create a WordPress page with the URL (note: the plugins will not work with a different slug). 
  2. Add the shortcode:

Install a Theme

May 5th 2017 in

Wovax themes are built to work seamlessly with our plugins. Other themes may require additional CSS to integrate visually with the plugins. 

To install a theme:

  1. Appearance > Themes, install the Genesis theme. 
  2. Appearances > Themes, select Add New, then Upload Theme (top).
  3. Drag the zip file for the Wovax theme to the Choose File button and Install. If you need the zip file, contact  
  4. Appearance > Themes, Activate the theme.

Setup Test Properties

May 5th 2017 in
  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings, copy the text in the Set Server Access Key text box. 
  2. Send a) this key and b) your site URL to
  3. Wovax will set up the test properties.

Install Wovax Plugins

May 5th 2017 in
  1. Settings > Permalinks, set permalink to Post Name.
  2. Plugins > Add New, select Upload Plugin (top left).
  3. Add the Wovax plugin zip file.
  4. Activate Wovax Core. 
  5. Activate all other Wovax plugins.