IDX Indexing and Choosing the Right Provider

April 11th 2016 in Blog, Wovax

We’re often asked if Wovax IDX is like IDX Broker, since they are currently one of the largest IDX providers. The answer is yes and no. Yes, we are both IDX providers – we bring MLS listings from the raw data feed (RETS) and display them in an attractive way on your website. But the IDX is very different.

Let me explain:

IDX Broker pulls the MLS listings onto your site so that they appear to exist on your website. However, when you search for properties, you move from to, which is really the IDX Broker website. The MLS listings are hosted on which displays them in a way that mirrors your site. Since the property search is visually consistent with your website, the end user experience is essentially the same as if the content lived on your website.

The downside to having all the listings hosted on IDX Broker instead of your website is that the MLS listings do not benefit your website’s SEO. SEO – search engine optimization – is the process of making your website more appealing to Google so that you rank higher in the search results. There are many ways to optimize a site for premium search engine placement, and one of the most crucial is adding fresh content. Google doesn’t want its users to encounter dead websites up on top. A website that hasn’t been updated for a while will eventually lose its ranking to one that is being updated on a regular basis.

This is where Wovax is unique. We built Wovax IDX to use the MLS listings to work toward your SEO by hosting all the content on your own website rather than on a third party server. When we index the MLS listings into your website, each listing becomes a custom WordPress post. Let’s say that you have 18,000 listings on your MLS board. You now have 18,000 separate pages on your website. Each time the feed from your MLS board refreshes (which is multiple times a day), any of the indexed MLS listings that have been changed or removed are updated automatically, and new properties are added. Each new listing appears as fresh content on your site – just as if you had added new pages or blog posts.

Some premium options of IDX Broker (as well as other IDX providers such as Showcase IDX, Diverse Solutions, Real Geeks, and iHomeFinder) appear to keep the MLS search and listings on your website. But a quick inspection of the elements on the website will show much of the content is still being hosted on an external site. An easy way to tell if a site is doing this “streaming” technique is to right click on one of the MLS listing’s pictures and select “Open Image in New Tab.” Look at the URL. Unless you are using Wovax or a custom-built IDX, that image will not be on your website domain.

A visually attractive design will make clients love your website. Wovax IDX helps those clients find you by making Google love it, too.

If you’d like to learn more about Wovax IDX or take a tour of the back end of one of our websites, drop us a line in the chat window here on the Wovax website or give our office a ring at (208) 874-5014.

Wovax IDX Indexing real estate website mobile app smartphone IDX Broker IDXBroker MLS WordPress plugin Smartphone app iOS android iPhone Smartphone WordPress IDX

Access indexed properties in the backend of the system.

Inman Reviews Wovax IDX and Apps for Real Estate

December 10th 2015 in Blog, Technology, Wovax

Inman wrote a great piece about Wovax this morning. Check it out here:

“This is really unique software…Wovax is offering agents an easy, affordable way to capture mobile-savvy home shoppers. When coupled with a listing-rich website, it becomes an effective end-to-end lead generation strategy.” – Craig Rowe, Tech Columnist at Inman

And while you’re at it, enjoy a discount on your setup here at Wovax with december2015.

Wovax For Schools

October 10th 2014 in Blog, Wovax

The best products are the ones that help people. Those are the products what we create at Wovax. We want to help companies, blogs, and organizations. And some of the the most important organizations in our world are schools. A dilemma we often find with schools is the lack of a proper website. They’re often old or free and don’t offer the tools that are needed to keep parents, teachers, and students connected and up-to-date on events and announcements.

As we began talking with schools and getting them set up with their own app, we noticed another dilemma – many schools don’t even have a website. And it was never because they didn’t want one. A majority of the time, hiring someone to build their website was cost-prohibitive and time consuming.

Not everyone needs the same one-size-fits-all product. Some schools only needed the app. Others wanted a website too. So we built them their very own WordPress-powered websites. As we introduce Wovax for Schools, we are also introducing different plans so that you have the freedom to choose what works for you, your students, and their parents.

The mobile apps we build work on both iOS and Android which means these apps aren’t limited to just smartphones. They’ll work on tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Note and on music devices like the iPod Touch. Anything that runs iOS or Android, so students who don’t have smartphones yet can also read and receive updates like everyone else. Our app framework also allows secure access to web-based student information systems such as PowerSchool.

Schools build our future. The smoother they run, the better experience they will be for everyone involved. Wovax is proud to be helping schools as they transition into a new age of communications technology.

Advertising Isn’t A Naughty Word

September 30th 2014 in Blog, Wovax

One of the most important features of a website is the advertising. If you’re a website owner you’re probably nodding your head in agreement as you fill up your golden bathtub with fat stacks of cash. If you fall on the visitor side of things you’re probably updating your AdBlocker as you cackle madly while leaving websites crashing and burning with unpaid server bills in your wake.

Advertising is kind of a sticky subject. On the one hand, it can be incredibly obnoxious. Watching a thirty second ad for a forty-five second YouTube video isn’t too fun. But on the practical hand, advertising is the lifeblood of just about any business. Whether you’re hosting or buying, you’re likely on at least one side of the ad game. And it’s not a new byproduct of the modern age. Soap operas got their name because of the household products that would present the shows. Even the Roman gladiators had sponsors.

Wovax WordPress Mobile App Company Gladiator Advertising


Finding a balance is tricky, but when executed properly, advertising is advantageous to everyone. I hate seeing a website that’s slathered in ads just as much as the next person. But if it’s a few well-placed ads that use my data responsibly to target me specifically, I’m okay with that. If I’m looking to buy a new camera lens and my browser cookie are telling advertisers, “hey he’s looking for this kind of product” and I see lots of ads with things I’d like to buy anyway, it can actually be helpful. I might see a deal or website that I hadn’t noticed before.

Advertising can be most effective when it offers itself as an all-around positive experience. With that attitude, it rewards everyone. The greatest advertising will be more than just a billboard. That’s why everyone loves Super Bowl ads. Commercials of that quality are so top-notch because they know that no one is going to talk or care about a glorified Power Point presentation. Instead they craft pieces of entertainment that people will enjoy so much they’ll share them with their friends the way they would a Saturday Night Live skit.

Wovax WordPress Mobile Apps Advertising Goodyear blimp

Everyone knows what this is. Smart advertising at work.

As satirical and dystopian as it may sound, many ad campaigns have become a part of our national pop culture. Not because they strong-armed their way in, but because smart advertisers gave consumers something they could interact with and enjoy. Consumers enjoyed those ads and did the rest of the work. And now the Planters peanut, the Energizer bunny, the Geico lizard, and Ronald McDonald are all characters who have taken their place next to the likes of Santa Claus, Mickey Mouse, and Yoda. Even certain brands like Coca-Cola and Ford have taken on the same characterizations that an American might attribute to “baseball and apple pie.”

Wovax WordPress Mobile Apps Advertising Santa Claus Coca-cola

Here’s a twofer. Also, Santa is a jerk.

Of course there can be a certain cynicism in watching an ad. No matter how high the production values are, no matter how many heartstrings it pulls, it’s really about the money, isn’t it? Well, yes. If you run a business, you need to make money. But you have to get the word out somehow, so why not make that word look and sound as good as possible? Why not take the chance to make something that your target audience will enjoy? One of my absolute favorite ads of all time is Chrysler’s 2011 Super Bowl commercial with Eminem. I know it was made to sell cars and rebrand a company that was under a lot of scrutiny for their recent financial troubles. But it’s sincere. It sends a message about hard work and perseverance that rings true. And I respect that.

Advertising can be funny, personal, sad, or exciting. It can be a great way to tell a small story in a minute or two. People aren’t stupid. We all know why ads exist. But potential customers will respond better to a company that rewards their attention and puts in effort to getting their business.

Case in point about ads: this post is an ad. But if you’ve gotten this far you (probably) enjoyed reading it. Yes, I’m getting paid to write this and it’s designed to draw attention to our services. But this is a topic I actually care about and find interesting. And maybe now you’re thinking about it too.

We support ads in our app framework. Remember when we talked about how cluttered a desktop site gets on a mobile device? With too many ads, it’s easy for them to get shoved around and rearranged. Wovax gives you control over the ads in your app and supports ads from just about any ad service out there so that when you go mobile, you can keep business going as usual. And we’re taking our own advice by getting ready to launch our own commercials: so keep an eye out!

Why Moscow?

August 13th 2014 in Wovax

Let’s play some word association. Idaho! Did you say “potatoes?” That’s okay. Lots of people do. While the rest of Idaho does indeed produce a third of potatoes in the United States, out here in our corner of the Gem State, there are no potatoes in sight.

Wovax is located in Moscow, a tiny town tucked away in the beautiful Palouse.

The Palouse is a region full of rolling hills that primarily grow wheat and legumes. Throughout the intense summers and long frigid winters, the hills cycle through three primary colors – green, light brown, and white.

wovax idaho idx real estate moscow palouse MLS wordpress mobile app smartphone iOS Android iPhone

Moscow is home to around 24,000 people, many of whom are students. The University of Idaho is located here and Pullman’s Washington State University is less than a ten minute drive across the state border. These two institutions certainly play a big part in making Moscow what it is. Like many classic American small towns, Moscow enjoys an enriching and often tight-knit community that sees the downtown transformed into a gathering center for young and old. Summers bring the Farmer’s Market, a vibrant bazaar that frequently boosts popular vendors to more permanent brick-and-mortar eateries. There’s the internationally renowned Lionel Hampton Jazz Fest. Artwalk brings out the very best in local craftsmanship, painting, photography, and so much more.

wovax idaho idx real estate moscow palouse MLS wordpress mobile app smartphone iOS Android iPhone

There are wine bars and brunch hangouts. A trendy consignment store that has separate locations for infants and their grown-ups. An arthouse theater to catch the latest from across the pond or from the Far East. Coffee shops and pubs that host live music on a regular basis and give the many students a relaxed atmosphere to plow through a book.

wovax idaho idx real estate moscow palouse MLS wordpress mobile app smartphone iOS Android iPhone

Nature lovers thrive here. Fishing, hiking, hunting, camping, biking…it’s all accessible just a Subaru’s drive from town.

So what is a tech company like us doing in Idaho?

While Moscow is known as “Heart of Arts,” the arts aren’t the only area in which creative people are thriving. Several tech companies have been on the rise here in the last few years, and several of them have been wildly successful.

Economic Modeling Specialists Intl. has grown to over a hundred employees and was purchased by CareerBuilder back in 2012. Populi, a growing online directory system for colleges is also located here. While they are growing into what many would consider something to be more at home in a place like, say, Silicon Valley, these companies have proven to be so successful because of the hard work and close community that this small wheat field town has enriched them with.

wovax idaho idx real estate moscow palouse MLS wordpress mobile app smartphone iOS Android iPhone

Wovax is proud to be a part of this thriving community of the Palouse. Just as many other creative industries have been decentralized by new innovations in tech and staying connected, so has ours. And since there’s plenty of room to grow out here, we look forward to seeing what other new companies the creatives of Moscow are brewing.

If you’re ever in the area, stop by and say hi. On the Palouse, our doors are always open.

SCOTUSblog iPhone app goes live

November 10th 2013 in Blog, Wovax

We’re pleased to inform you that the Supreme Court of the United States blog app is now available. Download the free app from the App Store here. The SCOTUSblog website is built using WordPress and their app is using the Wovax service to meet their mobile needs.

Your complete resource for the Supreme Court of the United States. Features of the app include:

· Direct notifications to your mobile device relating to major Court actions, breaking news, and editor’s notes
· Briefs and analysis for every case on the Supreme Court’s merits docket and cert. petitions that could be granted
· Opinions and oral arguments for major cases explained in Plain English
· Live coverage of major decisions and announcements
· Continuous review and analysis of the Court’s actions
· Daily round-up of national articles and interviews about the Court
· Regular symposiums and guest posts from top law professors and practitioners
· Content clearly organized sequentially and by category, with very capable search function
· Multimedia sketches and videos relating to the Supreme Court
· Incorporated SCOTUSblog Twitter handle
· Access to Bloomberg Law

iOS 7 is here and our app is ready

September 22nd 2013 in Blog, Wovax

Over the past few months Wovax developers have been busy playing with the latest offering from the Cupertino giant, Apple.

iOS 7 is here and our app is reaping the benefits already.

Look forward to the roll out of our new app framework over the coming weeks free to all Wovax customers.

Does my company need a mobile app? Why iNeed an iOS app for brand growth

May 31st 2013 in Blog, Wovax

Everyone with a brand must have an iPhone app for growth and survival. That was the message from the CES panel discussion for iPhone apps and their impact on culture, technology, advertising and entertainment.

“It’s like 10 years ago when the debate was: ‘do I have to get a website or not?”

“People were unsure, but these days, the answer is obvious: if you’re not on the Web, it’s like you don’t exist.”

said Walker Fenton, Vice President, Mobile & Data Services at NewsGator. Fenton added that companies must be on the iPhone.

“It’s almost a requirement,” he said. “You’ve got to be on the iPhone; same as you’ve got to be on the Web.”

He concluded:

“If you are wondering about whether or not to get on the mobile, the answer is ‘yes’.’ Get on the mobile now.”

Does my company need a mobile app? 13 reasons why your brand needs an app.

  1. iPhone apps are a part of people’s daily routine
  2. Your blog is just one touch away on your readers iPhone
  3. It’s more convenient for your following
  4. You can announce an “Event” with push notifications
  5. The mobile internet market is growing at a much faster rate than fixed internet
  6. The developing world’s connection to the internet is much more mobile centric than the Western world’s fixed line communications infrastructure
  7. 75% of our planet is still not connected to the Internet so the potential over the coming decades is substantial
  8. It will differentiate you from your competition
  9. You create a deeper engagement
  10. Drive more reader loyalty
  11. Your branding will be on your followers iPhones
  12. It will drive more traffic on your blog and ultimately more profits for your site
  13. It enables easy social network sharing of your content between your readers and their friends.