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The best products are the ones that help people. Those are the products what we create at Wovax. We want to help companies, blogs, and organizations. And some of the the most important organizations in our world are schools. A dilemma we often find with schools is the lack of a proper website. They’re often old or free and don’t offer the tools that are needed to keep parents, teachers, and students connected and up-to-date on events and announcements.

As we began talking with schools and getting them set up with their own app, we noticed another dilemma – many schools don’t even have a website. And it was never because they didn’t want one. A majority of the time, hiring someone to build their website was cost-prohibitive and time consuming.

Not everyone needs the same one-size-fits-all product. Some schools only needed the app. Others wanted a website too. So we built them their very own WordPress-powered websites. As we introduce Wovax for Schools, we are also introducing different plans so that you have the freedom to choose what works for you, your students, and their parents.

The mobile apps we build work on both iOS and Android which means these apps aren’t limited to just smartphones. They’ll work on tablets such as the iPad and Samsung Note and on music devices like the iPod Touch. Anything that runs iOS or Android, so students who don’t have smartphones yet can also read and receive updates like everyone else. Our app framework also allows secure access to web-based student information systems such as PowerSchool.

Schools build our future. The smoother they run, the better experience they will be for everyone involved. Wovax is proud to be helping schools as they transition into a new age of communications technology.

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