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Join Wovax Affiliates Nationwide

Wovax partners with WordPress developers and real estate marketing consultants who share our vision of providing the very best web technology to the world of real estate. Our commission-based affiliate program allows you to grow your business with ongoing revenue while providing excellent tools to your clients. Apply here to connect with us and find out more.

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Our Story: Built By Developers For Developers

As a team of WordPress website designers and developers, we initially built our plugins for our own clients. In our search for the tools we needed – IDX, CRM, mobile apps – we couldn’t find a platform that had the flexibility or intuitive design we were looking for, so we built our own. We’ve now made all of our WordPress plugins and themes available to other web developers. Today affiliates across the nation are using our tools to provide quality products to their clients. 

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Our Vision: Design + Technology + People

Our vision at Wovax is to integrate beautiful design with powerful technology, supported by real people. Our tools enable our Realtors to more effectively communicate with and care for their clients. We are committed to that same vision as we service our own clients: using technology to enhance communication and customer care, rather than to get in the way.

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Our Offer: Grow Your Business And Serve Your Clients

Wovax offers 20% of all setup fees and 10% of recurring fees to our affiliates. Once you apply we will contact you to set up your account, and then your clients can begin purchasing through your affiliate link. Monthly payouts and tax calculations are automatically managed through our online payout system.

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Our Design: Let Us Do The Work For You

If you’re interested in offering our services but do have the capacity to build the sites yourself, you can still provide Wovax to your clients through our affiliate program. Our commission applies to all of our packages, from Basic to Custom. Simply have your clients purchase through your affiliate link and you’ll receive a generous commission on the setup fee as well as a monthly commission payout.

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Join The Wovax Team Today

Apply here. Connect with the Wovax Team. And start growing your business today.

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Looking For Non-Real Estate Tools?

Wovax also has generic versions of our CRM and mobile apps that can be used with any website. We have restaurants, schools, colleges, bloggers, ministries, and various small businesses using our mobile apps. Please feel free to contact us if you’re interested in using these tools for your clients.

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