Today’s Buyers Access Real Estate Through Mobile Apps.

When shopping for real estate, home buyers are constantly using their phones to search for properties as they move about from house to house. If they use generic or corporate real estate apps, they are searching for real estate without connection to their Realtor’s branding. This is why Wovax builds a custom mobile app for each of our Realtors.

WordPress IDX Real Estate iPhone App

Give Your Clients What
Corporate Can’t.

With sites like Zillow, Trulia, and, it’s easy for home buyers to search for properties independently. What corporate companies can’t compete with is the Realtor’s ability to build personal relationships with clients and provide unique, local information to enhance the home-buying and selling process. Whether you blog about tips for staging homes or post about local open houses, Wovax lets you customize your apps to fit your unique marketing strategy. Your blogs and pages integrate directly into the apps, and you can send push notifications to keep buyers up-to-date.

Mobile Apps vs. Mobile-Friendly Websites.

A mobile-responsive website is important, but it does nothing to retain visitors. When a Wovax real estate website is viewed on a mobile device, a banner prompts buyers to download the iOS or Android app from the App Store or Google Play. This allows Realtors to retain leads who visit via mobile devices. Once your real estate app is on buyers’ phones, your personal branding reaches out to them every time they search for real estate.

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WordPress App IDX Maps

Harness The Full Power Of Smartphones With Native Apps.

At Wovax we build native real estate apps. Native apps – as opposed to web-based – are built to work with each phone’s hardware. Instead of pulling everything in from the web, native apps use the phone’s built-in maps, keyboards, search bars, etc. This makes them faster and more intuitive for the home buyers who download them.

Stay Connected With Categorized Push Notifications.

88% of text messages are read within the first three minutes. Rather than sending emails that will get lost in your client’s inbox, send them customized push notifications. Link notifications to your blog, your search page, or a specific property. You can set and reset the categories to match your marketing strategy, and buyers can choose which app notification categories they want to receive. The options are limitless.

WordPress App Settings
WordPress App Dashboard

Customize The Apps From Your WordPress Dashboard.

Our mobile apps are also fully customizable. You can change the app colors and text, as well as build out the app menu and customize the home screen to suit your preferences. We set up your real estate app to match the branding of your website, but you can easily modify it from your WordPress dashboard. You could even change the colors of your app just for Christmas.

Into Buyers’ Pockets And Onto Their Wrists.
Wovax Builds For The Apple Watch, Too.


Stay current with the latest technology, including Apple Watch.


Buyers don’t have to be tethered to their phones to receive notifications.


Real estate investors love to know what’s HOT on the market.


Clients can receive app notifications while driving without compromising safety.

Try Some Of Our Real Estate Apps.

Download some of our clients’ apps for free to get a better understanding of what an app can offer you and your customers.

Sage Properties Real Estate

Sage Properties

Heritage Realty

Heritage Realty

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Ashley Alred

Kristin Gibson Real Estate

Kristin Gibson

Latah Realty

Latah Realty

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Idaho River Realty

Crossvine Real Estate IDX app

Crossvine Realty

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Higgins Team

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Wovax manages it all. From website and DNS hosting to training and technical support, Wovax is committed to providing the best experience.

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Over Half Of Web Traffic Is Through Mobile Apps.
Where’s Yours?