Here at Wovax we get really excited about tech in general and where its innovations are taking the world. This week though, we’re going to revisit some of our own territory – but it is still exciting and shows what’s coming. Or rather, what’s already arrived and how it will keep growing.

Let’s look at how mobile usage has grown recently.

Something we like to revisit from time to time is growth in the area of mobile usage. Apple closed out 2014 with a massively record-making $18 billion quarter (in profit) thanks to last fall’s iPhones. Considering they barely sold more iPhones than Android phones than were sold in the same time frame, that’s a lot of devices for both sides of the mobile camp. It’s not too surprising, given that 80% of internet users own smartphones.

Currently, there are 1.75 billion smartphones being used worldwide, and that’s at the current rate of growth. As internet continues to become less of a first-world luxury and more of a standard commodity similar to a car or lightbulb, those numbers will continue to explode.

Each piece of the mobile web pie is growing every year, and one of the pieces that is especially important to the business sector is online shopping. According to IBM, online sales went up nearly 14% during the 2014 holiday season as compared to the previous year. This makes sense as holidays are a busy time for everyone and people will be on the go more than usual (which, nowadays, is quite often). People will be traveling and out of town and when travel efficiency is a concern, mobile devices generally win out; even over a laptop.

Pulling back from November/December to get the full 2014 perspective, mobile app usage grew by 76% in 2014 with lifestyle and shopping apps leading the way at a whopping 174% growth. For years now, studies have been predicting that 2015 will be a crucial mark in the point where mobile web rules internet traffic. As we can see by current studies and the spiking growth of app-based mobile traffic and shopping, we can see that this is absolutely the case.

As we’ve been growing our client base, we have discovered that many businesses and organizations – from restaurants to blogs to school districts to real estate – have been quickly realizing the obvious benefits in staking out a mobile presence. The efficiency and reach of a mobile app is a main attractor. They all have specific needs and are able to use the flexibility that an app provides in meeting those needs. For example, a school will generally place high priority on being able to reach parents, teachers, and students for announcements or more serious matters like an emergency. Real estate is a no-brainer as it allows people to peruse listings on the go; while they house-shop, for instance.

Running a website represents a large part of many livelihoods. With the numbers and data from the last half-decade accurately reflecting precisely what is happening now and where the traffic is coming from, it would be stupid to delay a mobile app presence any longer.

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Probably not this stupid, but close.

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