Let’s Be Friends: A Thought From Wovax

Recently, the tech world seems to have taken on the characteristics of a high-stakes political race. It’s Apple vs. Samsung vs. Google and all parties involved have intensely devoted fans and detractors. The name-calling and mud slinging is even finding its way into official ads for the companies – with Samsung being the worst offender if we’re gonna be totally honest here

And while we at Wovax have our own brand favorites (full disclosure: we’re all Mac junkies) we also recognize that not everyone’s needs are the same. Not everyone demands the same things from their smart devices. I can’t customize my iPhone layout? That’s fine because I don’t really want to. You would? That’s awesome – get an Android and enjoy! 

People will sometimes go to great lengths to prove they’re the smartest one in the room. But here’s the thing – no matter what phone you have in your pocket or whatever tablet gets your commuting work done on, you are smart. You’ve weighed the pros and cons of both systems and made the decision that was the smartest for you and you alone. And that’s the important thing. At the end of the day, no one cares what you’re using as long as you can deliver something stunning.

In creating apps for you, we don’t just take an empty framework and pour your website in like cement. We tailor it to the specific needs of you and your users. Our goal isn’t for our brand to be plastered all over your content. Our goal is to get your brand amped up so that it can be broadcasted loud and clear across the web like never before.

At Wovax, we provide our services for both Android and iPhone because we think they’re both excellent tools for accomplishing great things. It’s the not the car you drive – it’s the attitude that gets you there. And our attitude is this: find what works for you, and do it. 

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