Introducing Tech Blitz!

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Here at Wovax we love our tech. So yesterday we launched a podcast to talk about it – Tech Blitz. The format Tech Blitz takes is fast-paced news. Every week, ten topics from tech news that week are covered with only 30 seconds to get through each one.

We’ve already had a tremendous response to the first episode despite some quiet audio issues that we’ve already figured out how to prevent next time. It looks like everyone is just as enthusiastic about tech as we are! We’re working on getting set up in iTunes as well so you’ll be able to access a video and audio version on all of your devices as well.

Tech Blitz will be released every Tuesday at 5 PM PST on the Tech Blitz YouTube channel and Facebook page. Check us out and be sure to subscribe on YouTube and like us on Facebook so you don’t miss the latest episodes!

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