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A topic that we have explored here and will continue to do so is that of web design changing based on the evolution of the technology we use to access it. But it isn’t just the web that’s changing. The way that we work is changing as well.

Wovax is no exception. Currently we occupy an office space that was the shipping room for a small publishing company that acquired their own building last year. In a few weeks, we’ll be moving into an exciting new project that our owner Joe is heading up: MosCoWork, a coworking space located in Moscow’s downtown.

Coworking has a number of advantages for startups and freelancers.

If a company hasn’t grown quite enough yet to justify renting their own office space, they may look into sharing a coworking space with other companies in the same situation. Think of it as a roommate scenario for businesses.

Zonaspace Russia coworking Moscow Idaho MosCoWork Wovax wordpress apps
Zonaspace in Saint Petersburg, Russia

Creativity and collaboration flow freely in coworking environments; networking happens on a daily basis as clients for multiple businesses come through and employees at various companies who wouldn’t usually cross paths get to connect on a regular basis.

And it’s not just for entrepreneurs and freelancers. The strengths of coworking have been recognized by many successful companies long after they make it big. Pixar co-founder Steve Jobs wanted employees at the animation company to network with fellow colleagues in other departments. Given the solitary desk-anchoring nature of animation, various departments didn’t stray too far from their wings of the building. He kept this in mind as he designed the main building on Pixar’s campus and created the Atrium, a large common space that houses not only the cafeterias and refreshments, but the only bathrooms in the building.

Video game company Valve employs an even more unorthodox approach in reaching their goals. At Valve, there are no managers and no one tells you what to work on. You decide for yourself and you then do it. Desks are on wheels so that as projects come and go, people can rearrange themselves accordingly. Valve took a great risk in giving that much trust to their employees. But the creative and driven people turned that freedom and power into hit franchises like Portal and Left 4 Dead as well as the wildly successful Steam (it’s like iTunes for games).

Citizen Space San Francisco MosCoWork Moscow Idaho
Citizen Space in San Francisco, CA

Coworking isn’t just for businesses, either. Freelancers are a welcome staple of the experience and having maverick professionals rotating in and out as they please brings an exciting and interesting roster of individuals in contact with each other.

The space that we will be occupying is currently being renovated. Over the next few weeks, we’ll bring you updates of the progress as we get closer to our move in date. MosCoWork will be open to businesses and freelancers starting September 15th!

If you are in the area and would be interested in finding out more about the membership options at MosCoWork, follow us on Facebook for further updates as we begin our countdown to launch date.

MosCoWork Moscow Idaho Wovax WordPress App Coworking
MosCoWork in Moscow, Idaho

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