To add fields to the search filter: 

  1. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filters
  2. Select a field from the Select Custom Field dropdown, and enter a Label and/or Placeholder Text.
  3. Choose the type of search from the dropdown (Numeric Minimum, Numeric Maximum, Existing Value, etc.)
  4. For a keyword search that searches the property title and description, select Search the Content.
  5. Select Add Search Filter.

To search hide a filter from the mobile app, uncheck the In App box.

To setup a custom search range: 

  1. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filters, select the field for the custom search range from the Select Custom Field dropdown and choose Custom Range from the Search Type dropdown. Add the Label and Placeholder Text, and Add Search Filter.
  2. Wovax Core > Search Filter > Search Filter > Search Range Builder, select the field from the Custom Range dropdown (you may need to refresh the page).
  3. If it is a monetary field, select Currency.
  4. Enter a set of custom search ranges.
  5. Edit the display text for each range (e.g. “$1,000,000+” for “$1,000,000 – $20,000,000”).