Add a new Property Category:

  1. Properties > Property Category, Add New

Add properties to a category:

  1. Properties > All Properties, find the properties you want to add to the category using the search bar.
  2. Hover over the property title and click Quick Edit.  
  3. Check the box for the appropriate category.
  4. Update.

To create a page displaying properties in a category, use this shortcode:

[wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=XXXXX]

where XXXXX is the slug of the category.  

The Featured property category automatically pulls in listings for an agent or brokerage.
To set the featured properties:

  1. Contact Wovax with the exact name(s) and ID #s of the agent(s) or office(s) –
  2. Wovax will setup the Features category.
  3. Add the following shortcode wherever you want your featured listings to appear:
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_featured]

To permanently retain a listing on your site after it is removed from the MLS:

  1. Check your MLS board’s rules. Many do not allow the display of off-market properties. 
  2. Properties > All Properties, open the property. 
  3. Select Retained under Property Categories (right).  
  4. Update.

To retain all Featured Listings:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings, select Turn Preserve Featured On.
  2. Add the following shortcode wherever you want to display Retained listings: 
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_retained]