Add a new Property Category:

  1. Properties > Property Category, Add New

Add properties to a category:

  1. Properties > All Properties.
  2. Hover over the property title and click Quick Edit.  
  3. Check the box for the appropriate category.
  4. Update.

To create a page displaying properties in a category:

[wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=XXXXX]

where XXXXX is the slug of the category.  

The Featured property category automatically pulls in listings for an agent or brokerage.
To set the featured properties:

  1. Contact Wovax with the exact name(s) and ID #s of the agent(s) or office(s) – 
  2. Add the following shortcode wherever you want your featured listings to appear:
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_featured]

To permanently retain a listing on your site after it is removed from the MLS:

  1. Check your MLS board’s rules. Many do not allow the display of off-market properties. 
  2. Properties > All Properties, open the property. 
  3. Select Retained under Property Categories.  
  4. Update.

To retain all Featured Listings:

  1. Properties > RETS Settings > Advanced Settings, select Turn Preserve Featured On.
  2. Add the following shortcode wherever you want to display Retained listings: 
    [wovaxrecent taxonomy=wovax_property_category term=wx_retained]