It is possible to have a page with listings that are already filtered for certain criteria.  For example, many sites have a pages dedicated to certain communities.  This may be done with also be accomplished with shortcodes, but it is easiest to simply create a URL. 

  1. Create a place from which you link to the new page.  This could be a menu item or a link on a page.  
  2. Open your website that is under development—not the WordPress Dashboard but the actual site.
  3. Fill out the search form according to the criteria you want, such as “Bedrock” for a city and click the Search button.
  4. Copy the URL on the results page. In this example, the URL would look something like this:
  5. Use this URL in the link that takes you to the page that will have the pre-filtered results.  In this example you might have a menu for communities with a menu item under it that takes the user to a page of properties in Bedrock.  This menu item would have be a custom link with the URL listed above. If you are using a hyperlink to this new page, use this as the URL for that link.