To add a property to the site that is not in the MLS feed (e.g. a pocket listing):

  1. Halt the property import.  Go to Properties > Import Status and click the Halt Importing! button.
  2. Go to Properties > Add New.  This will bring you to a page where you can enter the information for your property.  First, click the Screen Options tab in the top right corner of the screen and check the Custom Fields checkbox. 
  3. Enter the information for the property:
    1. Title – Enter a title for your property in the field that says, “Enter title here.” 
    2. Description – Enter remarks about the property in the text box just below the Title field.
    3. Images – Add images of the property by clicking on the Manage Gallery button in the Wovax Post Gallery section and following the directions in the window that appears. To choose the image that will show up on the search results page and that will appear at the top of the details page in a larger size, click the “Use as featured image” link at the bottom of the Manage Gallery window.  Click the Save All Changes button, then close the window. You should now be back at the Add New Property page.  If you have added more than one image, go to the Wovax App Post Settings section in the top right and change the Enable Gallery in App option to “Yes.”  Click the Update button.
    4. Featured Image – Set a Featured Image to display in the list view of properties.
    5. Property Details – Toward the bottom of the Add New page is a Custom Fields section, which has a subsection entitled “Add New Custom Field.”  Click “—Select—” to choose the field you want to add.  Then enter the information for that field in the Value textbox.  For example, if the city is Bellevue, select “City” from the Name dropdown and type “Bellevue” in the Value field.   Then click the Add Custom Field button.
    6. MLS # – Do not add an MLS# as a custom field. Instead, put it in the description/body content area.
    7. Fields – If the name of the desired field does not appear in the dropdown, add it by clicking on the “Enter new” link located directly below the Name dropdown, which will then turn into a textbox. Enter the name with the appropriate value. Then click the Add Custom Field button.
  4. In the Property Categories section on the right, check the Customized box. This will ensure that the automated process of importing MLS properties will not delete or overwrite your manually-edited property. If this property is for a featured listing, check the “Featured” checkbox, too. Click Publish.
  5. Go to Properties > Import Status and click Resume Importing.

The new listing will now appear among the other listings on the site and will be searchable in the same way as the MLS listings are. However, automated updating and deleting will not be applied to it. All edits and updates, including deleting, will have to be done manually. If you add new listings manually before they are added to the MLS, you will need to delete them once the listing appears on the MLS. Otherwise the listing will appear twice on your site.