To edit the fields that display on property detail pages:

  1. Go to Properties > RETS Settings > Field Display Settings. 
  2. Drag fields from the Hidden Fields box to Above Content or Below Content. Fields in the Above Content box will appear above the property description; fields in the Below Content box will appear below the property description.  
  3. To remove a field, drag it back to the Hidden Fields box.

*NB: Most MLS boards have restrictions on which fields are available to the public, and some require you to display certain fields. Check with guidelines of your MLS board to find out which fields are confidential and which ones must be displayed.  

To display a map on each property:

  1. Install and activate the Wovax Geolocation plugin.   
  2. To customize the map display, go to Settings > Geolocation > Geolocation Plugin Settings. Adjust the width, height, position, and default zoom level of the map. To change the appearance of the map pin, click Upload Custom Map Pin and upload a new image.

The labels of the property fields (e.g.”City,” “Bathrooms”, “Price”) are determined automatically by the Wovax plugin. To customize (e.g. from “Bedrooms” to “Beds”):  

  1. Go to Properties > RETS Settings > Field Aliases. 
  2. Choose a field and replace the text with the new field title.
  3. Click Save.