Coworking For Professionals on the Palouse

This week we made exciting developments on the coworking front. MosCoWork has officially become a part of Wovax, LLC! As we hurtle towards our September 15th opening date we wanted to talk more about the benefits of coworking. Because if you couldn’t tell, we’re definitely excited about this.

MosCoWork coworking progress Moscow Idaho

Many of the people who jump into coworking have been couch surfing. And those couches are in coffee shops. It might seem fun and cool at first. Waltz into a coffee shop, plant yourself at a cozy chair and sip fraps while you mine for gold in startup land. And while the energy of a coffee shop might be invigorating it is often distracting for many, if not most. And there’s the cost to consider. Unless you’re consistently buying expensive drinks every two hours at least, be assured the owners hate you for taking up their space eight hours a day.

MosCoWork coworking progress Moscow Idaho

When you have a coworking space, there is an energy inherent in the location, but it’s much more refined than a public place. While a coffee shop is usually full of focused people working on various projects for school or business, it is also a social watering hole. But a coworking space differs because people are paying to be there for the sole purpose of accomplishing things and being productive. 

MosCoWork coworking progress Moscow Idaho

MosCoWork has two different membership plans.

The optimal one for businesses as it gives you a place for your things is the Pro plan at $150 per month. The Pro plan gives you access to a dedicated desk as well as use of the conference room. The biggest perk of the Pro plan is 24/7 access via an electronic lock that is activated with either a smartphone or keyring fob. (This is like magic – it uses whichever device is in your pocket to sense your proximity so that when you touch the lock with your fingers it opens for you).

The Basic membership is $100 a month. This plan allows you to use any of the open working spaces when you are in the building. Access for this plan is 8 AM – 6 PM. 

Wireless printers and high speed internet are included in both levels of membership. 

MosCoWork coworking progress Moscow Idaho

Much of our excitement for a coworking environment comes from the opportunities outside of work that arise. A community that creates together will grow stronger together. MosCoWork will be a thriving hub for creatives of all kinds; an environment that allows people to learn from and encourage each other. To that end, MosCoWork will also be hosting workshops and other events that range from cooking to filmmaking to web design. 

We’ll see you this September!

MosCoWork coworking progress Moscow Idaho

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