Build the best.
Nothing less.

Modern, innovative, intuitive. At Wovax we combine cutting edge technology with sleek, modern design. While most real estate platforms are dated and clunky, we built our flexible IDX platform to integrate with modern web design and provide a great user experience. Today our team continues to innovate as we work to provide the best support for our clients. We are committed to prompt, personal communication, and we are always eager to hear new ideas and meet new people. Chat with us here on the website, or email us and we’ll get back with you today. We’d love to meet you!

Original conception
Dec. 2012

Wovax started out with a mission of building an app framework powered completely by the WordPress platform.

Company founded
Sept. 2013

Wovax gains interest from prospective customers. It was time to register to company and get legit.

Successfully funded
May. 2014

Wovax seeks investment to carryout its vision.

Redirection to real estate market
Dec. 2014

Realtors express significant interest in Wovax mobile apps. Wovax refocuses from generic web technology to real estate technology.

Wovax IDX development begins
Mar. 2015

Unable to find a WordPress IDX plugin that fit our clients’ needs, Wovax begins designing Wovax IDX.

Wovax IDX 1.0 launched
Fall 2015

The first version of Wovax IDX launches and is rolled out to legacy real estate clients.

Expansion and Development

Wovax expands to provide IDX to over 30 states across the US. The development team builds additional features, including Wovax CRM and map search.