Client Feature: The Bleeker O’Brien Group

Bleaker O'Brien Real Estate in Dallas“Wovax provided us with over-the-top service during the process of designing, developing and implementing our new website.  We were looking for something sophisticated, advanced, and unique and that is exactly what Wovax delivered.  They were patient with us when we had changes (which was often), and worked to find un-precedent technology to build into our website.  The Bleeker O’Brien Real Estate Group could not say greater things about working with Wovax!  Hire them today – you won’t regret it!” – The Bleeker O’Brien Group in Dallas, Texas

Brian and Melissa are a powerhouse team at Dave Perry-Miller in the heart of Dallas, Texas. We built their website and mobile apps from scratch using our newest Wovax WordPress theme, Behre. The bright, clear colors and crisp city photos work together to create a strong and engaging web presence. Thank you for trusting us with your site, Brian and Melissa!

If you’d like Wovax to design your custom branded real estate website and mobile apps, check out our Pro package. Please also feel free to contact us with any questions or to schedule a demo. We’re excited to meet you and happy to help!

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