Is A Car That Drives For You A Good Idea? Yep.

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The most significant technological advances are the ones that allow our lives to become more efficient. This in turn frees up more hours during the day for activities beyond basic hunt-and-gather survival. Mass distribution of information – from Gutenberg’s press to WordPress – have allowed information to be freely generated and accessed, thus improving people’s ability to educate themselves. Things that were once […]

Product Quality and Tech Oversaturation

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Right now CES is going on and that means there’s some pretty neat tech on display. It also means a lot of this. Tech companies have a unique dilemma these days. They want to provide consumers with a product line that is constantly innovating and changing. But they also want to deliver something of a quality that won’t […]

Facebook Is Not the Bad Guy

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So what’s the deal with Facebook and small business? There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about it recently. Ever since Pages was introduced in late 2007, Facebook has provided a seemingly oxymoronic concept: free advertising. Paid advertising has remained popular amongst larger businesses (especially since it allows post content to go beyond the users who have […]

Tech As An Open Source Commodity

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Advancements in technology are an undoubtedly great thing. To us, the most appealing aspect is the accessibility. The thing that makes technology advancements so powerful is that it takes the unusual and fascinating and makes it available to everyday “normal people” like you or me. In the days of the printing press, mass communication became much easier […]

Augmented Reality Is On The Way

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Last week we started to dip into the world of wearable technology which naturally leads us to augmented reality. Virtual and augmented reality have started to become a big deal in the startup world. The first device to start getting recent serious traction in virtual reality was Oculus Rift. Oculus Rift has become pretty well […]

Wearable Tech: An Introduction

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“Smart tech” is pretty ubiquitous by now. For the most part, we all have some kind of smartphone that we carry with us all day. There’s been a lot written about the downsides to a society that embraces this kind of pervasive integration of things like the internet. But I think we’ve been doing just […]

Tech, Criticism, and Innovation

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I really like innovation. I really like tech. I also really like Apple stuff. I’m not really an Apple fanboy though – I think the new watch looks cool, but I don’t need or even want one. I like having the newer iPhones because that’s something I use every day. But my barely used iPad […]

Establish Your Blog And Keep It Relevant

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A lot of WordPress users are bloggers. We love WordPress. And we love a great blog. But the harsh truth is that your blog is probably never going to be seen unless you push it out there. To say that it’s an uphill battle to get noticed, followed, and read on a regular basis is a […]

Wovax for Schools Promo

As we mentioned a couple of weeks ago, we are very excited to be introducing Wovax for Schools. We have already discovered in getting schools set up with Wovax that there is a great need for a simple and effective communication tool in education. Check out our new promo and head on over to our school page […]

Wovax For Schools

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The best products are the ones that help people. Those are the products what we create at Wovax. We want to help companies, blogs, and organizations. And some of the the most important organizations in our world are schools. A dilemma we often find with schools is the lack of a proper website. They’re often old or free […]