Apple Just Killed the Phone: And That’s Great!

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Part of what drives people in their decision to purchase a phone is the screen size. A frequent criticism that has been directed at Apple’s smartphone lineup is the lack of a “phablet” size. Of course that changed yesterday when Apple CEO Tim Cook announced the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus which respectively come in at a diagonal screen measurement of 4.7 and 5.5 inches. For comparison, the most recent iPhone models are the 5, 5s, and 5c which come in at 4 inches; the 4s and all previous iterations were 3.5 inches.

Of course, many Android smartphones such as the Samsung Note 4 have been boasting screens as large as 5.7 inches. And that’s where the criticisms have been pouring in. Why won’t Apple give us bigger screens? Everyone else has been doing it for years now! But Apple’s apprehension at jumping into the phablet market is understandable, and not necessarily for fear that they would be seen as copycats or trying to keep up with a passing fad. The push for larger smartphone screens is part of the change in how we compute. And once Apple realized that this change wasn’t a fad and would drive people to larger devices for good was when they embraced and adopted it.

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The Samsung Note 4 which actually comes with a stylus.

We’ve talked about our mobile devices becoming an integral part of how we communicate and stay updated via the web. But it’s not always practical to have a tablet with you, as portable as they are. And a slim screen will only get you so far if you need to get some serious work done on the go; the limitations can definitely become frustrating.

Using myself as an example, I honestly didn’t have much interest in a larger phone screen. The 4-inch has been great for me and it gets the the job done. But since I’ve started working here at Wovax my mobile needs have changed. Part of my job in updating our social networks is monitoring them away from the office which means that I’ll be writing more on my phone than I ever have before; and I’m not really into hauling my iPad around town all the time (although I am enjoying using it to write up this post in a coffee shop). The biggest 5.5″ screen size isn’t going to appeal to everyone, but it will definitely have its fair share of users. And as people in general get used to larger phone screens, they’ll become more ubiquitous as a whole.

I’ve always used the term “pocket computers” to jokingly refer to devices such as smartphones and iPod Touches as a way to point out how insanely mind-blowing it really is that we have these useful devices on our persons all the time. But as the screen sizes increase and the processors get more and more powerful, this term is becoming reality. And now that all the major smartphone manufacturers are on the same playing field, it’s official: the phone is dead. What you now have is a portable computer that also calls people. It isn’t too far off to imagine that soon the iPhone could be completely rebranded as a product without “phone” in the name.

With these larger screen sizes comes a unique opportunity for us at Wovax. As was displayed in the Apple Keynote yesterday, the iPhone 6 will have a similar UI design to the iPad, and even features that are reminiscent of the desktop, such as displaying the dock on the side of the screen. Wovax is excited to begin development on updates that will allow our apps to work seamlessly with the extra screen space these new phones offer.

And yes, there will be soon be things cooking up over here for the Apple Watch as well!

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